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Formal complaints At the travel agent's

How to complain / Cómo presentar quejas

In order to complain you have to:

1. Explain your visit:
Excuse me, I'm sorry but I bought this yesterday and …
I'm returning this to the shop because…
I'm having trouble with my camera.

2. Give reasons to complain
It's faulty.
It's torn.
It's much too expensive 
I'm afraid this isn't working.
It doesn't seem to work.
There's something wrong with it.
There is a button missing. 
I'm afraid the service wasn't very good.
The food was cold / tasteless / greasy / stale.
I'm not happy with the food / service / goods
I refuse to pay the bill / invoice / your fees until you put it right / replace it.

3. Request what you would like: 
Could you replace it, please?
Could I have a refund, please?
Could I speak to the manager?
I'd like to have my money back.
I'd like you to pay me a compensation.

4. Listen to the shop assistant's answer to your request:
Would you like a replacement?
Would you like your money back / a refund? 

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